Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleep better with a wedge pillow

Rather from a simple preference for having the head elevated or for a medical necessity such as acid reflux, many find that the simple addition of a wedge pillow underneath their head and shoulders can make all the difference between getting a decent night's sleep and waking up exhausted.

A wedge pillow is a long wedge shaped foam pillow that is placed on the bed to elevate your chest and head. This can be anywhere from a few inches to a full 12 inches depending on your particular needs. For some, this is an inexpensive alternative to costly adjustable beds.

If you think that you or your care recipient might sleep better with a wedge pillow, then you might want to check out the wide range of wedge pillows that Allegro Medical carries. Allegro Medical also has an assortment of body positioning pillows to allow you to help stay positioned in your bed, and pillows that are specifically designed to reduce snoring.

Selling medical supplies online since 1997, Allegro Medical has over 50,000 products in over 50 categories of items, subdivided into hundreds of subcategories that let you search by condition, product brands, even specific parts of the body. And now, for items that you use often, you can enjoy easy auto reordering by selecting a frequency you would like items shipped to you.


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