Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Fox news

Oh good gawd. Rush Limbaugh lives on some weird plane of existences that revolves around him and him alone.

He sits there and talks about how it is lies that there are people that can't get health care in this country. Well, Mr. Limbaugh, you said that it was easy. I'll paraphrase your comment here - "people go into the ER and if they can't pay they talk to the people and arrange to make payments, and if they can't pay then the repo man comes out and takes away their car."

Oh, yeah... that's a good solution. Here's a real life scenario for you now, Mr. Limbaugh.

I'm 39, single, Caucasian. I have visited the ER three times, each time for severely infected teeth. I can not afford to visit a dentist to get them fixed, so all I can do is go to the ER at $97 a visit, plus roughly $60 for medications. I can not even pay that, so I end up with my bills being sent to collections as I am struggling to get $5 ahead and make payments on them.

I was born in the USA to parents that were born in the USA, my grandparents were born here... you see a pattern yet?

I'm not some illegal hiding out soaking in the Government benefits. I begged for Medicaid and was told, in so many words by the woman in the public assistance office "Come back when you are pregnant or Mexican" (Her exact words).

I know I am not the only one. Mr. Limbaugh wants to think I am not even here, but I am.

Oh, and the "car" the repo man would haul off is a ATV that I won in a contest several years back, the gears are going out, the front right tire is having problems and I ride it 15 miles to the store and back a few times a month to pick up my dad's medications and shop for groceries and stuff. Thank God I live in Alaska where ATVs can be used as transportation, or I could not even get to the store and back.

But... I don't exist anyway, according to Mr. Limbaugh, so... I guess I don't have to get to the store anyway, just like I don't have to see a doctor. huh?


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