Thursday, July 16, 2009

Watch TV and movies online

There are times when I am so scattered from all of the things that needs to be done in the day, that I do not realize until way late that I forgot that my favorite show was on. Even when it is one that is in reruns that I have seen several times before, it can still be disappointing to miss it. That's why I love to be able to watch TV online. It's the only way that I can get the chance to see some stuff.

Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free and watch movies online. One hit a moment of nostalgia for me when I was idly browsing selections and found in their "Popular TV Shows Online" link a link over to Fancast, and in the movies there I discovered "Timerider". I watched that years ago and it has remained one of my favorite time travel movies. If it was not almost 2 in the morning I would watch that now.

Spreety goes beyond just giving you a clump of shows to watch, it links you to sites all across the web so that you can find what you want to watch. Be sure to check out their e-book, use the page forward and back >> marks (<< Page 1 of 87 >>) to the right of the book, to browse through it. It has a good listing of where to watch everything from movies to TV shows, even places that are best for kids and where to find the old 50's shows and so on. I did a bit of looking and found Spreety TV Online has some great genera divisions for stuff like history programs, family TV, game shows, westerns (BRISCO County, Jr!!!!, and my mom adored Gunsmoke, and I loved Alias Smith & Jones...)... Spreety is definitely a great resource for finding legal to watch shows and movies online.

It is closing in on three in the morning here in Alaska now, so I am going to get some sleep and let you go find something good to watch... or maybe I'll watch just a few minutes of Timerider.... O:-)

Nite y'all!


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