Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gardening Time

Dad and I went to Fred Meyer yesterday to pick up his medications. Then we went to check out the seeds they have in there and he picked out all of the things he wants to get started for going in his garden.

Mom always did the plants and stuff, and dad wants to have a garden out in the yard, so I am leaving it to him to pick 99.9% of what we put in the garden.
So far we have:

Seeds I have saved:
Acorn Squash (I saved seeds from ones I bought)
Sugar Pumpkin for pies (Again, from seeds I saved in November)
Cantaloupe (if I can find the seeds I had saved)
Apples (from seeds saved from apples I bought)
Popcorn corn (from popcorn bag in pantry)
Red Potatoes from pantry
White potatoes from pantry

Seeds I got at Fred Meyer:
Nasturtiums (two trailing single, one Alaska mix)
Crimson Sweet Watermelon
Yellow straightneck squash (could not find crookneck)
Zucchini squash

Seeds Dad picked out for garden:
Sweet Corn - Early Sunglow
Pole Beans - stringless
Peppers - red and green (organic)
White bunching onions
Little finger carrots
We will, of course, add to this list after the start of May. Dad wants to pick up some tomato plants and strawberries and a lot of raspberry plants.

I think I better get to work getting the garden back in garden shape.


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