Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Returning to School?

I'm thinking about going back to college to seek a nursing degree. I know that I enjoy being a caregiver, and it is what I would like to continue to do, so I am thinking that going back to school now that I am able to provide care part time rather than 24-7 might be a good way to increase my knowledge of health care and get better work as a caregiver. For caring for my family it was okay to go with what I leaned from healthcare professionals along the way, but for caring for others I really do need to take some official type classes in nursing.

My other option is to take classes in legal stuff to be a paralegal, I'm not sure which one I will aim for, possibly - if I can - I will look for majoring in nursing and maybe a minor in law for paralegal work specific to caregivers.


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