Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ankle Pain

I first learned about ankle care early one morning when my father was in a rehab center after a major stroke. Not long after my mom and I arrived we noticed swelling of one of his ankles. We questioned the nurses, who had not noticed it, and it was finally sorted out that he had to have sprained his ankle the night before when one of the evening nurses had assisted him out of bed and to the bathroom.

After that I learned all about how to care for a sprained ankle and more importantly how to prevent one through high alertness when assisting someone in standing and transferring.

If you have someone that has weakened ankles or poor balance, then I strongly suggest you read over information such as the Ankle Pain - Treatment page at the University of Maryland Medical Center to familiarize yourself with the varying causes of ankle pain and the ways to treat is - and when to call a doctor.


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