Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are You Prepared for Zombies? The CDC can help make sure

If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.

Yes, I realize that it sounds like a joke, but this is actually very serious.

The CDC understands the concerns that everyone has in keeping their family safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse. If there were an emergency that demanded defending the general public against zombies the CDC is prepared to take action. On their Zombies Blog the CDC assures the public that in the event of an emergency the CDC is prepared to work with local emergency response teams to minimize the danger to the public as quickly as possible through consultation, lab testing and infection control.

You should be warned that there could be the possibility of isolation and quarantine to help control the spread of zombies, so visit the CDC website and familiarize yourself with how such an action might affect you and what you should know before the CDC calls for something as drastic as quarantine or isolation.

The CDC will be relentless in its efforts to get ahead of the issue and understand if it is a virus, toxin or other treatable kind of pathogen that is creating the zombie uprising. They will also be tracking reported incidents in an effort to get ahead of the wave and stop the spread of zombies. Once they understand how the zombie cycle works, how the infection or pathogen is spread, they will be better equipped to advise the general public on measures that can be taken to protect themselves from becoming the next zombie.

Please note that it is a good idea to visit the CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response page and familiarize yourself with the various specific hazards such as bioterrorism (zombies are likely to spread much like a bioterrorism threat), radiation emergencies (because radiation has long been thought to be one of the causes of zombies rising), chemical emergencies (another possible cause for zombies), and natural disasters such as severe weather issues. Any disease caused by zombies would spread faster in areas affected by natural disasters and flooding.

Also make sure that you are familiar with the mass casualties event preparedness and response - because zombies are going to cause a lot of casualties and it is quite likely there will be mass panic in the cities as people attempt to flee ahead of the uprising or to loot businesses after the initial wave of zombies has passed.

Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure that you are prepared for coping with a tragic event, because there is going to be a lot of disruption and panic and trauma in the wake of a zombie attack in your area.

Chances are we will never have to suffer the horror of a zombie uprising, however, it is best to prepare for the worst case scenario and have a survival kit ready. If you are fully prepared to deal with the zombie uprising, then you will be able to handle almost any other hazard that might otherwise leave your life and the lives f your friends and family in upheaval.

It is all about being prepared, and I know that my parents would have gladly pitched in in creating a zombie preparedness kit and a plan for where the members of the family were to meet up in the event of such an emergency.


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