Saturday, October 08, 2011

Medications and Lawsuits

As caregivers we have a lot to keep track of and worry about, we really do not need to be worrying over if the medications which our loved one's doctor has prescribed to them might indeed be safe for them. And yet, sometimes we will find ourselves in just such positions. As a caregiver for my father I called doctors on more than a few medications that would have resulted in either medications that were not needed and had potentially dangerous side effects, or on certain medications that could not be mixed with other medications without life threatening results.

Some medications, while they have been FDA approved, are not right for all segments of the population, and this can lead to possible lawsuits if the drug companies and others associated with at risk medications are not careful. Such as the cholesterol medication Crestor and the possibility raised of misleading advertising that could result in a Crestor lawsuit by anyone harmed by the medication. Originally developed by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi, Crestor was licensed to Astra-Zeneca in 1998. It was not until 2003 before Crestor was approved for use in the U.S. by the FDA.

A member of the drugs known as "statins", Crestor's approval had some limitations to use due to some known potential side effects when taken by certain at risk people. This potential for serious side effects was part of the issue when in 2009 the FDA scrutinized the advertising Astra-Zeneca used for Crestor. There was, apparently, some misleading safety claims in the advertising that came under the FDA's scrutiny.

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