Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tonneau Covers

Pickup trucks are great for getting stuff like powered wheelchairs around or hauling home the materials needed to build a wheelchair ramp or install handicap accessibility things in the house. But they can be poor for hauling things that might blow out of the back, such as groceries unless you have something to keep the things from being blown out on the highway.

That is what a tonneau cover is for. You can find a wide range of Tonneau Covers at BuyAutoTruckAccessories.com, including hinged, roll-up, and tri-folding covers. BuyAutoTruckAccessories.com carries popular brands of Tonneau Covers such as Torza, Lund Genesis and Tekstyle.

I like the roll-up styles, since you can roll them into a roll behind the cab and have your whole bed clear for carrying things, then just unroll them back out to cover the bed of the truck once again when you need to protect the back from rain or snow.

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