Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Tree is up

Yes, I know, I'm late. At least I finally got the tree put up, right?

And actually, I have always felt that the solstice was the right time for the tree to go up anyway, as long as it is up by the 21st I'm happy. And one tradition I heard years ago said that the tree was to be put up and decorated on Christmas eve. I assume that was a way for parents to distract children from the presents that the kids could not wait to be getting the next morning.

I remember as a kid me and my brother taking our horses out into the mountains to find the perfect tree and towing it back behind the horses. Now we use a fake tree that is stored carefully away in the basement year to year. Somehow the tradition of getting the tree is not so mysterious and fun when you are hauling it up from the basement rather than down from the high snowy forest.

Still, it is a pretty tree and even though I have a mystery of several segments of lights not working this year, I was able to move the boughs that are lit up until they filled in the areas that are not lit and the tree looks reasonably okay.

I then decorated it for the moment with red silk poinsettia flowers, green pine garlands, fake red apples, and small faux crystal pendents. It's not the most gaudily decorated tree, but it looks pretty enough until I actually find the decorations that I was sure we had here somewhere.


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