Friday, January 18, 2008

Greenhouse Porch

One of the hardest things about being a caregiver can be having to see your care recipient give up things they once loved to do. As someone moves from being self sufficient to needing a caregiver it is not only their independence that is stolen from them, it can be their favorite activities as well.

I have long since planned to build a greenhouse porch off the front of the house where we can start plants early in the spring without having a late frost get them. My plan is to make it wheelchair friendly so my dad can help with the indoor garden that this will create.

I remember that he loved to try to grow corn in the garden, and we have always loved to grow strawberries and tomatoes.

My plan is to make this greenhouse porch into a hydroponics garden so that the plants will grow quickly. I will need to get some good quality grow lights to build into the porch as I design the greenhouse, but I think that the finished result will be a very useful space that my parents will enjoy for years to come.

And maybe we can have fresh tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries in the winter. Need to try roses too... it would be nice to have a room filled with lovely roses in the middle of January next year.


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