Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No sick days for the weary and in pain

The trouble with being a full time family caregiver is that when you are sick there is no one that can step in and take over. Last night I started getting a bad toothache, my front upper teeth hurting really bad. I took pain medication for the pain and used Listerine and a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to try and combat the infection, however, this morning it was still bad, so at around 2 p.m. my mom called my oldest sister to come take me to the Urgent Care Clinic in Wasilla.

I logged in at about 2:55 p.m. and was seen just a few minutes later by the check-in gal. I was very happy with how quickly the doctor came in to see me, but not very impressed by his bedside manner. I admit that I have bad teeth, and I know that going to the urgent care clinic to get amoxicillin is not going to cure the underlying trouble, but I really do not need to have the doctor stand there and lecture me about my not being able to afford to get my teeth fixed. It is because of lectures like the one I got today that makes people avoid going in for help when they need it.

I would love to be able to afford to get my teeth fixed, however, the last dentist I went to see told me that I had to give them $3,000 upfront before they would do anything for me. And that was best case if I did not have broken teeth (I do) that needed to have surgery to remove the roots.

I would be glad to pay that, however, unless a dentist wants to give me a line of credit and let me make payments on the work, I just can not get my teeth fixed right now. I really don't need the urgent care doctor trying to make me feel like I am wasting his time when I go in with an infection seeping its way up into my sinuses.

I got the medication I need to fix the infection, though, and am keeping an eye on my temperature (was 100.1 at the doctor's office, then went down to 99.5, was up to 101.4 a little while ago and feels like it is going back down again now. I've got me some G2 Low Calorie Electrolyte Beverage that I had bought for reviewing on my diet blog, and am sipping that to replenish my liquids. Other than that I am having Slim Fast, apple sauce and sugar free Jell-O for lunch and dinner tonight, I'll see how I am doing in the morning and probably have similar diet for the next few days.

At least it'll be good on my diet, I'm currently at 195.2, we'll see what my weight is after a week of liquid diet and hiding out on the bed while my mom does what she can to keep things going without me. I'm still having to get up whenever my dad needs to move around or if my mom has to have help with something, but I'm trying to be good and not get up any more than I have to for at least tonight.



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