Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Medical reference software - turn your PDA into a medical assistant

Doctors get the kewlest toys. Thankfully there are some of those toys that us family caregivers can use as well, so I'm always keeping my eye out for something kewl that the doctors get to play with that is also useful for family caregivers.

The handiest thing I have seen in some time that meets that goal is the medical reference software that Epocrates has made for doctors to use when they are writing prescriptions for patients.

According to Epocrates, the software is being used by over 500,000 healthcare professionals to help them keep track of needed information. The products section of the Epocrates website has information on the free and premium products that they offer, as well as information to help in understanding compatibility with mobile devices.

My interest in the software is in the possible uses for caregivers in confirming new prescriptions for their care recipient will not have adverse interactions with current prescriptions the care recipient is already on. Over the years I have seen far too many instances where prescribed medications were in conflict with current prescriptions - sometimes potentially fatal conflicts. My grandmother was nearly killed because of medicine conflicts years ago, and it is still a very serious problem that I am often encountering as I deal with my dad's medications.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

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