Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family Evicted Over Service Dog

I was visiting a pet lover's social networking site and saw an article about a family that was evicted in connection with their service dog. Yup, that's right - their service dog got them evicted. What got me about the article was that the woman had a service dog for her daughter, and she gave it up to move into the apartment. First off, service dogs are excluded from the "no pets" policies, but still, she gave the dog up. Then when her daughter had bad problems with increased seizures the woman applied for another service dog and was told she had to move before the dog was delivered to them.

The woman sued her landlord for “refusal to make reasonable accommodation to his rules that may be necessary to afford equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling,” and she was awarded $115K. You can read the article at Zootoo - Family Evicted Over Service Dog.


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