Friday, January 09, 2009

Heater working - sort of

Well, the house is at last able to be kept warm - I just don't know how long that will last. Between the efforts of my brother and nephew the heater furnace has been torn apart and cleaned and seems to be working, I don't trust it enough for me to sleep all night, but I am getting more sleep than I had been. I'm just not certain that the heater might not suddenly stop working in the middle of the night when it's -40 F out there.

I am at least not having to use the electric heater, kitchen oven and burners on the stove to keep house warm. That's nice. Now if I can just figure out getting the fuel tank filled so that I don't have to worry it will run out of fuel at any minute along with concerns of it stopping working or otherwise malfunctioning.

I need to get someone that knows them systems out here to overhaul it as soon as I can afford to, but that will be a while. Saving money is not exactly easy at the best of times, with the way of the economy at the moment it is next to impossible to get put of a month with even a dollar, much less enough to start a decent savings.


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