Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Access Diabetic Supply cold call - and I do mean COLD

I got a call this morning from some gal that barely spoke English saying that she was from Access Diabetic supplies and wanted to talk to my dad. Her English was bad enough that I barely caught 'Access' and since I was expecting a call today from a place about getting my dad a powered wheelchair I assumed it was them calling me back so I told her I was his caregiver, could I help her?

She began telling me about how Medicare recipients can get their diabetes supplies for free so I stopped her (not an easy task) and asked how she got my information. She said that they are authorized to call people that have, in the past, filled out a card saying they wanted information on diabetes products and services. That made me think for a moment, and I do recall filling out a general information card like that at one time at my dad's doctor's office, but I did NOT put down any phone number. They had to have looked that up.

As I said, I could barely understand her English and as she launched back into her spiel I had to talk over her (several times "Ma'am... Ma'am... Miss... Ma'am... wait wait wait wait...") to get her to stop talking long enough for me to inform her that the request had to have been from six months to a year ago, and that my mother, the diabetic, has passed away.

Now, for any normal person this would have resulted in a "Oh, I'm sorry." :::shakes head::: This gal - She paused for just a fraction of a second and then, with no tone change from her spiel, said "What about *****?" (my dad's name). It is putting it mildly to say that I was dumbfounded for a moment, then I recovered from the "WTF?!?!!?" shock of her coldness and said "Can I please speak to your manager?" She promptly hung up on me. I think she realized that she had screwed up when she did not even offer up a "Oh, I'm sorry" and just pushed right on ahead asking about the next possible target to her cold call.

This kind of customer contacting is not merely unwelcome, but exceptionally uncalled for in the level of uncaring that the caller has for the persons on the receiving end of the call.

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