Monday, May 11, 2009

Too nice a day to work inside

It is a lovely day outside, bright sunlight shining down and clear skies. I want to get out there and enjoy the day, but I have to get work done in here on the computer that prevents that. People all around me are telling me there is no way that dad and I can save this place, and dad and I refuse to listen to any of them.

I bought some nasturtiums in town the other day, two packets each of scarlet reds and a jewel tone mix. Put them to soak night before last, then last night, after a 24 hour soak, I planted the seed two to a pot in some of those little Jiffy pot peat pot things. I'll let them grow up until they are decent sized little plants, then transplant them into mom's flower barrels out front.

Mom loved all kinds of flowers, but the one kind we have always had here have been the nasturtiums, so even if I can not afford any other kind of flower, I want to have nasturtiums in the yard this year. Or, as my dad has called them for years, Nasty Urchins.


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