Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Physical Therapy Today

Today is a physical therapy day for my dad, he actually finished up his initial physical therapy stuff last visit, but they scheduled him for 2 more weeks and this is the first visit of that added two weeks.

I think I am a glutton for punishment, since I scheduled these sessions in the mornings, latest one starts at noon, others are 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning. It coaxes me to get up earlier, so it is not exactly a bad thing, but oh man -- I am not a morning person. Feeling sickly sitting up trying to wake up here, already had to lay back down for almost an hour and still feel "bleck".

Cappuccino should help that some, I'm going to make me some here in a few minutes. Can't event think about eating anything this early, so will delay breakfast until my dad's up then make eggs and toast or something for the both of us.


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