Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why do women wear makeup?

I was asked my opinion on an interesting question by The Vahoo Info Connector blog...

"Why do women wear makeup?"

This seems like something that would have an easy answer, particularly when you take into account that mMakeup reaches a good 6,000 years back into history, ( Web MD has a good article on the history of makeup, as does Wikipedia.) but it really is not. There are many perspectives on this, enough that I decided that a survey was in order, so asked a few friends on AIM. A few examples of the replies I got were:
  • to hide
  • to conform
  • vanity in wanting to look pretty
  • social pressure to look pretty
  • to hide a cosmetic flaw (such as a port-wine stain or acne)
The The Vahoo Info Connector adds in a fear of being the only one in the room not wearing makeup.

I grew up not being exceptionally social, so I skipped the whole "have to apply the makeup!" phase. I rarely ever wear any makeup and when I do it is just a little for special occasions. Can not even tell I am wearing it really. I think that my early disinterest in wearing makeup has been a good thing, since it helped me to feel more confident in my own appearance, so that I did not grow up feeling I had to hide behind makeup before I left my room like some people I know now.

Then there are the celebrities that can't go out without their makeup, Vahoo mentions one of them on their article about The Real Reason Women Wear Makeup. Dove had a campaign a while back that showed young girls just how much touching up was done to make the cover models that beautiful. It was an effort to stop the girls trying to look so much like the beauty that was more often than not no more than airbrush touch-ups.


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