Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Senate Votes Down Public Option on Health Care Plan

News just said that the damn Senate voted down the public option for the health care bill. That means that, as it has been all these years, the health insurance companies are going to screw over people like me who can not afford to buy health care and someday I will end up like my mom, putting off my own care to the point that my first trip to the ER is my last trip anywhere.

It pisses me off that the people who have $100,000 jobs and homes with "no worries" heaters, brand new state of the art kitchen stoves and a brand new Mercedes Benz in the drive are all throwing parties shrieking "We don't need that!" and screwing people like me, a hard working woman who is the proud daughter of a WWII vet who's family fled the Dust Bowl when he was a boy.

No.... what pisses me off is all the lies those people spread like wildfires to kill the health care reform. The newsman that had reported on it on CNN promised that he would look into what senators had got their bank accounts polished by health care companies before the vote and how they voted versus how others voted. I hope he pulls through on that promise, because I want to know who it is that runs this country - the people, the president, or the mega corporations that throw about money to keep themselves the big dog pissing on anyone that can not afford their private club fees.


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