Friday, April 22, 2011


Every once in a while a show that is just flat great comes out, and it just as quickly vanishes.

That is what happened with CHAOS, a new CBS comedic drama about a group of old school CIA operatives that premiered April 1st of this year. The show made it for three aired episodes, then CBS yanked it out of the lineup because they disliked the fact that it's viewership were not in their 18-49 demographic range.

Maybe there should be some advertisers targeting the older viewership on occasion? Because CHAOS had good viewer levels, just not in the 18-49 segment apparently - which is the segment that wants to be out in the bars at 8pm Friday - which is when they aired CHAOS.

CBS either needs to target the right ads to that timeslot, or they need to move CHAOS to a good fit for what its viewer audience is, because it is a great show that really deserves to be given a chance to prove itself.

I would dearly love to see it picked up by USA and paired with Burn Notice, that would make a nice pairing.


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