Saturday, May 07, 2011

Soon I will be working again

It has been a long road, but with any luck this time next month I will be working as a caregiver - only this time the position will be a paid position. I'm going to need to keep working at a second job, since the care position is not going to provide enough income to pay my bills all on its own.

At least I will be working again and that will count toward my social security and medicare - or at least it had better. I really don't want to end up discovering that it does not count toward those. I assume it will, since I am going through a third party service and will be paid by the State of Alaska rather than the service I am working for. But I need to remember to ask the people at the service about that.

Right now I am just thrilled to be working soon, I have been hoping through hoops for this job since last December and unable to look for work elsewhere because each time it has been "you'll be hired in about a month..." and then that has been followed up by another delay. I think the delays are all out of the way now though, so I should be working soon.


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