Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water and Proper Hydration Concerns?

Do you really have to make sure that your care recipient drinks eight full glasses of water every day?

The simple answer? Probably not unless their doctor says that you do. And even then, it might be less water than you expect.

An average sized drinking glass out of my kitchen cabinet holds 1 2/3 cups of water, with one cup being 8 ounces. So a standard glass of water is almost two servings out of the 8 servings recommended to keep properly hydrated.

Drink 5 water glasses full of water in a day, or 5 bottles of water, and you most likely have drank your recommended allotment of water for the day. But it is not even that simple, since the water does not all have to come from clear water. That tea your mother had with breakfast can count towards water intake. Yes, the tea and lemon and sugar all change it a bit, but there is still water needed for remaining hydrated in the cup of tea.

Water intake needs vary based on many factors, and on how much water is in the things we eat or drink. If you are concerned about keeping your care recipient properly hydrated then you should consult their primary care physician to find out how their hydration levels are doing and to advise you on the proper plan for dietary and water intake. Something that not many people consider is that too much water can also be a danger under the wrong circumstances, so if you have concerns about hydration in your loved one ask about it the next time you accompany them to the doctor's office.

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