Saturday, August 25, 2007

Computers and stuff at TechPalooza

Have you seen them little tablet computers that all the nurses carry around now? As a writer I have envied them slim little notebook computers that I keep seeing in the doctor's offices. How nice that would be for writing or graphics design or or or... Shoot, even just for keeping track of everything I need to with my parents around here and my own health needs.

Well, I have found one now, and I want it as soon as my finances allow me to upgrade my laptop. TechPalooza has them for under $1,500.00. Yup, TechPalooza, if you have not been there before it is really worth checking out. They have some great prices on computer stuff, such as a Palm TX on their top sellers list - $253.00! Memory cards as low as $7 for 256MB. This month (what's left of it) you can get free shipping on your order. I wish I had seen that back at the end of July, I'd have been a lot more tempted to make a fast purchase when I had the money to put into stuff.

For those that are looking for computer products, but not very computer savvy, the TechPalooza site is very easy to navigate and seems to have most anything you could be looking for at some of the best prices I have seen anywhere. Having sworn off second hand electronics stuff after my last camera purchase, I was elated to see Canon digital cameras for almost as low for a brand new camera as I had paid for the broken one I bought used.

You definitely need to check the site out before you shop other sites, I think you'll like what you see.

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