Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What do you mean you can't be ready in an hour?

I have decided that I am going to examine just what is involved in getting a care recipient ready to go somewhere. Given the response from my siblings on why we don't go places more often, and why we want more than an hour's warning on when they want to get us and go somewhere, I have a suspicion that there are others out there that have similar problems.

It seems to be easy for friends and family to make arrangements for things to do, so easy that they get irritable when the caregiver says that there is no way they can be ready and do the activity in that timeframe. So, I will start looking at what it takes to get ready - and mind you my dad is not as difficult to get ready as a lot of other care recipients, while there will be some that will match this timeframe, there will be care recipients that will require less time and some who will require significantly longer to get ready.

I hope that this will at least give a basic idea on what it would take, on an average scale, for a caregiver to get everything ready when they want to go somewhere with their care recipient.

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