Monday, August 27, 2007

Check out for Black Friday sales information now

Oh man, I can't wait for Thanksgiving now! You know that good sale that they always have after it, the Black Friday sales? Well, I have found a website that gives you the inside scoop on all of the 2007 thanksgiving specials to be found out there and lets you start building your shopping lists now rather than at the last second.

For example: Yesterday my mom and I got a serger sewing machine for my brother's fiancee, picked it up at JoAnn for about $250, that's $50 off the normal price. I was saying how I been needing one of them things too and would buy one around Christmas time. Well, I just checked out and they have information on what JoAnn's sales will be this year and there is a White 1600CB Speedylock Serger for $209.99! Around $100 off on Black Friday! I need to get my serger on Black Friday, apparently this site lets me shop online at JoAnn that day rather than go into the store. That is how you deal with that day.

I've never gone shopping on Black Friday because of the insanity of it, but if I could sit here and shop from my computer, using to show me where the deals I want to get are at. hehehe Now that is the way to go shopping! Go find all the great JoAnn deals at and shop for my dream quiting and crafting stuff.

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