Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Allegro Medical - search for medical needs based on condition

Shopping online is something that can save you time and money. As a full-time caregiver working as a freelance writer, I know that both time and money are invaluable. In the half an hour it can take me to run up to the corner store after something I could have got so much accomplished. Because of that, I have taken more and more to shopping online.

Sites like Allegro Medical (AllegroMedical.com) that sell medical supplies online can be invaluable to the caregiver. Allegro Medical sells a wide variety of medical supplies from eggcrate mattress pads to light therapy pain relief systems to help relieve pain from sore muscles and joints (something I should look into given the way my knees act up all the time). Something I do want to find and had not yet seen anywhere else is Kinesio Tape. Kinesio Tape is designed to be worn for several days and withstand showering while still allowing the skin underneath to breathe. Five yards of it is only $12, so it is a really good thing to tuck into the medical kit for emergency needs (and if you're like me you have a medical kit - mine is a Red Cross backpack that I got second hand and have been restocking for any emergency need. LOL)

Something I REALLY like about Allegro Medical is their tab at the top that lets you "shop by condition". I can shop for my mom's diabetic needs, things for my dad who had a stroke and has a heart condition and for me in my effort to loose weight all from the same site but in specific categories for each of our needs. That is a feature that I think makes Allegro Medical a must visit site for anyone that has multiple needs like I do or that does not want to see unrelated things when shopping for medical products.

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