Monday, February 11, 2008

Writing to stay sane

I suppose that this morning is a good example of why I write so much. I write to stay sane.

There have been times over the years when I have poured my heart out into the written word. Sometimes it was written and destroyed or written and tucked away, but there are times when I have shared it with my closest friends. I have write through some pretty tough things with my friends, both in my life and theirs. It is a therapy, but not the same as keeping a journal. A journal is merely a recounting of what occurred, but when I write it is more like an exploration of what happened.

I take things that have happened and cast them into the fictional world. I explore what happened through the eyes of fictitious characters in a way work out my own feelings through those characters.

Sometimes it needs to be conveyed in a nonfiction format, and those are far less likely to be kept and rarely shared, but one way or another I tend to write my way back to sanity.


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