Thursday, April 02, 2009

Getting dad ready to go to town for hearing test

I'm trying to get dad ready to go down for a hearing test, but it's not easy. The first flaw in the plan was his t-shirt. The one I had for him came out of the washing machine with the front torn open. =-O I'm not sure what happened to it, possibly it caught on the button of his slacks and something else, whatever it was it tore the whole front out of the thing. Only other ones I have are dirty so emergency call to brother got me a new one for him, then I just had to get him shaved, dressed, hair combed etc etc etc etc...

Main problem came in getting him to stand up so I could tuck in his shirt and get his pants fastened. Rather than standing he wanted to wrap his arm tight around my shoulders, which at that angle put my face directly against his chest. Not exactly the most ideal angle from which to button a shirt up. Took about three tries, and lots of frustration on both sides, but he's in the shirt, it's tucked in and his slacks are fastened. Now to get the belt and organize the paperwork he needs to take with him, get his wheelchair ready to go... and find a hat. :-/ his baseball cap met a nasty fate in the washer the other day - I think whatever got the t-shirt got the baseball cap first because the cloth was shredded off the brim of the cap. I need to buy him a new one.

Be about another 20 minutes and my brother will be here to pick dad up. I can't express how happy it makes me that he's said he'll take dad on his own for this and I can stay home and sleep - think I might have to work on taxes and advertising work instead, but any kind of relaxing break from stress is a good break.



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