Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Little dog left out in the cold

Okay, stress has definitely got to be too much. I let the dogs all in at sunset, about half an hour or so ago... I'm sitting here trying to think of what I have to do when I hear a scratching sound. Looking back to see why the Wookie wants out the door I discover - to my horror - that he wants *IN* the back door. The little fellow had got left outside when I went out to get the other dogs. ::pounds head on desk:: I can't even imagine losing him, and for it to me something so STUPID as my mental slip on rather he's in the house or not --- :-/ I'll be stressing about that for a long time now, and just added a good two hours to my mental inability to lay down and get any sleep. (Trust me, it's not pretty when I try to sleep if I am not completely mentally exhausted when I try.)


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