Thursday, April 02, 2009

Results of Dad's hearing test

Home finally. :::collapses::: Dad's hearing test went reasonably well, he could definitely benefit from a hearing aid, so the gal said she was going to do some looking into things and see if his insurance will pay for it. She's also referring him back to his doctor to get his ears thoroughly cleaned out of any wax that might be deep down in them. The painful part came when I asked her, "If insurance dosn't pay for them, what would I be looking at cost wise?" She never batted an eye as she said $1,200.00 and before I could even choke at that she elaborated "per ear."

:::choking gasping and wheeezing::: $2,400.00 for a pair of hearing aids. There is no way I can save up for them even by Christmas, so I'll just have to hope that his insurance covers the things. Right now though, I am completely exhausted and just want to crawl off and slip into a comfy t-shirt and sweat pants, maybe find something for the headache and the threatening toothache.



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