Monday, November 09, 2009

Never wait to make someone you love happy

Dad and I have got the same sort of perspective on the holidays that me and mom had for years now. Rather than get presents and hide them away, waiting to give them on a particular day, we give the presents early so that they can be enjoyed rather than rat hole them away for a day that might now come along in time.

It is a lesson I learned the value of the hard way. Mom and I went to the Salvation Army not long before she passed away, just days before in fact, and I found a lovely dresser top candy dish there. I knew she would love it, and spent more than I should have to buy it for her for her and dad's upcoming anniversary. When I got out to the car I admitted I had got her a present, did she want it now or in a few weeks? She opted to get it then and loved it. It sat on the shelf by her bed, where it still sets today. Mom never would have seen it had I waited for her and dads anniversary.

That taught me to adore every day and not to hoard stuff I have bought for people just because someone said it should be given to them on a certain day that some guy hundreds of years ago decided sounded good.

So, I bought dad some presents the other day, including a good foam cushion for his wheelchair and a Snuggie. I can't say I am entirely impressed with the Snuggie, but the fleece in the thing is worth the price I paid for it.

The other night dad got me my big Christmas present from him. We had to run to the store for my brother and went on out to Lowes where Dad bought me the scroll saw that I had shown him a few days before. A Hitachi scroll saw that the first thing I did with it was make him an eagle cutout plaque.

I have discovered that I love working with the scroll saw, it is just as relaxing as working with a sewing machine, but the "quilt" is made on wood rather than out of fabric. Which I think I should try making a wood quilt just to see how it would work out. that could be very kewl. A wood coasters style table cover, wall hanging, or carpet type deal with scroll saw patterns on it.

I'll love the scroll saw just as dearly as the table saw and router that mom had got me before she passed away and want to build a good workroom where I can use them to make cabinetry and furniture and all kinds of things.


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