Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My dad's heart doctor says dad's doing good

Took my dad to see his heart doctor yesterday and the doctor was saying how most people that were married to someone for many years, as my parents had been, will often pass away within a few weeks or months of losing their spouse. The doctor said that dad was doing unbelievably good and that the doctor attributed that to me and how I take care of dad.

That got dad and his doctor into a long discussion on how I was dad's baby girl and how good I took care of dad and such. And I have to admit, there is a small bit of delight to be gleaned from listening to stuff like that, to have it said that all of the efforts to limit the smoking, to keep the care recipient comfortable and on a good diet while allowing them some of the things they like that I know are not exactly healthy is all actually working. That my ducking and trying to dodge out of the way of sudden bad moods is not in vain.

After we left the appointment dad and I was talking about it all and once again agreed that he is one day going to be the oldest living Korean War Veteran - or at least the oldest living WWII veteran. It's good to have goals to work toward. May all our soldiers have VERY long happy and healthy lives!


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