Monday, August 27, 2007

Was out running a 580L backhoe today

Slow start to today I started out by oversleeping, then when I did wake up I was out in the yard a lot watching my brother work with the backhoe he had out there, running the front end loader part of it to clear a section of land and level out an area near where he's building his house.

I even got hop up in the thing and run it for a while, but he knew what he was up to with the area he was clearing, so after he'd had his cigarette break I told him to take it back over.

We moved my dad's old truck outta where it was and out by the new shed too, want to get the old Ford prettied up and looking good. Need to get a new wheel hub for the back of it, then he's ready to go. Dang hub flew off going down the road a few years ago and he's been parked since.


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