Saturday, August 25, 2007

Building a pill safe

I have decided that I want to build a pill storage safe into the bathroom when I build the shelving in there. Something that will blend into the shelves but have a locking door that will allow me to lock the pills away from little fingers to prevent accidents when little great-grand-kids visit mom and dad.

I want to make a series of shelves along behind the door, so that the door opens up toward the shelves and they are in the narrow area behind it, so since that area is also the perfect width for a large sized pill bottle to go in I will install a cabinet door in the shelves and create a built-in pill cabinet with a decorative lock and everything. It should look really good when I get it built and I will take pictures as I work on it so I can share the design in an article for my Family Caregiver Info website.

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