Saturday, August 25, 2007

Strange Spider - Arachnophobics don't look at this!!!

I found this fellow in the yard one day a couple weeks ago. He had made himself at home on my mom's yard cart. I have no idea what he is, I'm guessing he's a member of what I am seeing called redback spiders? I'd really love to know what he is if anyone knows anything about him, since he's a new addition to the Alaska spiders as far as I know (I've never seen one before) and I want to know if the sucker is poisonous or not.

There never used to be poisonous spiders in Alaska, but then there also never used to be huge thunderstorms and I know we have had black widows found in the stage in recent years.

Anyone know what this guy is?

The red mark was sort of arrow shaped from what I can recall of how he looked, this is the best picture of him I have.



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