Thursday, February 21, 2008

Destination Weddings at Karisma Hotels

Rather you are 18 or 80 getting married is a special occasion that can be made even more special by taking a romantic honeymoon or even deciding to run away and get married in one of those destination weddings. Destination Weddings are something that were once thought to be for celebrities and the rich, however, it is no longer the case. Some destination weddings can cost significantly less than some traditional weddings. And it is a wonderful mini-vacation that allows you to have the weddings of your dreams in the perfect location.

Karisma Hotels offers destination weddings to the Riviera Maya, what they say is "one of the most romantic destinations in the world". An extensive Frequently Asked Questions page at the Karisma Hotels website (link above) can help you get ready for a vacation wedding with answers to popular questions such as how many witnesses are needed, how long you must be in the country before you can be legally married, and what documents are needed for a wedding that will be legal in the United States.

For more information see Karisma Hotels weddings page at the link above.


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