Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Investing in the future - someday

I suppose that it is my mom who gave me my love for gold. I don't mean gold jewelry and the expensive trinkets, I mean real gold that you can hold and feel the weight of and enjoy how it looks just laying there in your hand. Someday I want to have enough money ahead that I cam invest in gold. Just call up the Monex Deposit Company and say "I'd like to buy some gold bullion please..." Ah... that would be nice.

Another metal that I dearly love is silver, so I would probably make some investments in that as well. It would be tempting to have them send it directly to me, their hard asset professionals can help arrange for personal delivery, but I think I would rather take them up on helping arrange for deposit into an independent bank or depository. Less chance of me cashing my gold or silver in unless I really have to, know what I mean?

The Monex Deposit Company has been in business for over 40 years now, so I know they will still be in business when I can afford to invest in my own future. And while I dearly love the feel of gold, I might decide to look into metals other than gold or silver. Right now I am wondering what the palladium market is like and what the future of that metal might be like. Maybe I'll head over to the Monex website and check into that. It never hurts to do research while I am waiting to be able to buy, right?


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