Monday, May 12, 2008

5-Hour Energy

I tried one of those 5-Hour Energy drink things the other day and while it tasted like highly concentrated berry juice, it did kick in fairly quick and gave me a nice long lasting boost of energy. I had bought a 2 pack and was going to try the other one, but my pup Cheyenne got her teeth on the second one. I saved it with only a few teeth punctures and put it out of her reach - I thought, but it's gone again and I can't even find the empty bottle this time.

She did have a exceptional level of energy the other day about the time it vanished... raced circles around her brother who had collapsed and went to sleep on the floor while she was still hyper and racing around - so I have a good idea on when she got ahold of it. I'm just hoping it didn't have anything bad for dogs in it.


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