Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Took my dad in for a checkup

Me and my sister took our dad in to see his doctor today for his bi-yearly checkup. I feel horrible, so wanted to sit in the car, however, that only lasted until they took my dad into the back, then my sister made a beeline for the car to tell me that I needed to go in and go back with him. Really nothing that she could not have handled, just someone needs to be able to talk to the doctor and make sure that I get all the details on any changes in medication or diet or anything like that. My sister said she had lots to do, however, so she’s out in the waiting area and here I sit, feeling lousy and distracting myself by working on my sites as I wait for the doctor to finish off with other patients.

I will give my dad’s doctor a lot of credit though, we can call in before his appointment and find out if she is going to be on time or not, and if she is running late then the nurses will juggle his appointment time to compensate for how late she will be. This reduces the time he has to sit in the office waiting to be seen by a very significant amount.



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