Sunday, May 18, 2008

Midwest Auto Recycling

I am not really sure anymore just how many cars my dad or other members of the family have rebuilt, from replacing the engines or transmission, to even once switching the entire rusted out chassis on a car for an identical one with a bad frame and suspension. Finding a engine always entailed first having to call around to various wrecking yards looking for a match, then needing to make sure that the engine was going to work right when we bought it.

For those living in Milwaukee, WI, there is midwest auto recycling, a used auto parts recycler that specializes in rebuilt engines and transmissions.

CARFAX has verified all of the miles on the engines, are completely assembled and started so that they can be inspected for compression, oil pressure and cylinder leaks before being cleaned and ready for the end consumer. Transmissions sold by Midwest Auto Recycling are test driven, then visually inspected and cleaned. Engines and transmissions are also backed by one of the strongest warranties in the nation.

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