Saturday, February 23, 2008


A flower that I would love to grow this summer is the trumpet shaped mini calla lily. These delicate flowers have the perfect fairy-skirt shape to them and come in a wide range of colors. Most often thought of when one is planning a wedding, the mini calla lily is a flower that I have always thought was perfect for any special occasion.

Fifty Flowers carries mini calla lilies as part of their floral selections for weddings. Their color selections ranging from the golden yellow of a buttercup to a Cream Purple that creatures a deep rich purple with white edging. My personal favorite is the Lavender Blush, which is a lovely white ruffled calla lily with a soft lavender tinting on the ruffled edge of the bloom.

Cut fresh at flower farms the mini calla lilies are bulk bundled, and shipped via express shipping directly to the bride or event planner. Fifty Flowers includes the cost of shipping in the wholesale price, so there is no second guessing how much it will cost to receive the flowers.

If you or someone you know is planing a wedding, or other special event, then Fifty Flowers invites you to come browse their floral selections and start planning your arrangements. You can either have the flowers shipped to you, or their flower facility can create custom floral arrangements according to your desires.


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