Saturday, February 23, 2008

Making Money Online - no, I'm serious, take a look at this ---

While it is not exactly something that will make a person rich, I have discovered that if someone loves to write and enjoys creating an online journal to share their interests/hobbies/experiences with the world, they can make at least a little money. (between $10 and $1,000 a month) This has lead me to create a website where I can share information on how to get paid to blog with others that are interested in learning more about paid blogging.

Not only focused on blogging, Paid to Blog Info also shows a lot of ways that you can earn a few dollars from standard websites as well. Imagine being able to create a website that will showcase your cross stitching and earning a couple of dollars month from just sharing your passion. You might not get rich, but one of my goals is to set up a couple of sites that the money they earn goes into an untouched savings account where the money can build up slowly.

I also have a forum at Paid to Blog Info, dedicated to the discussion of ways to make money on blogs and websites. This is a place where those who know what they are doing can help those new to the idea of making money online, and those new to making money online can find out more from the people that know where to find money making opportunities.

I am very strict about not letting anyone fall for scams (see How Stupid Do They Think I Am?), so there is no fear that I will tolerate scammers using my boards to target people looking for ways to make money. If a service requires you to pay them, they are not serious about helping you make money. All of the services I endorse at Paid to Blog Info will require no monetary investment by the person seeking to earn money - aside from the cost of getting your computer and website etc, but even then, I will be giving a lot of information on how to make money with free sites using library computers. Family caregivers should not have to spend a penny to earn enough to get themselves something nice or help pay for medications or food etc...


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