Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family Caregiver's Social Network

I have finished the work that I was doing over at Family Caregiver Info, so now the site is starting to become the social network for family caregivers that I had envisioned it being when I had built it. I still have some work that I need to get done, but the forum is up and I am working on the knowledge base for articles that have information of interest to family caregivers. Stop on by and take a look at the site - particularly if you had been there in the past, because a lot has changed and I am hoping that people like the changes.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can you be billed for a medical error? Maybe

Does your State charge you if your doctor operates on the wrong body part, or worse, performs a surgical procedure on you that was intended for another patient? You might be as surprised as I am by the number of States where there are no, or limited, policies for the billing of medical errors.

Take a look at the MSNBC article on bills for medical errors and check out their interactive map that can help you find out what your State's policy on medical errors is.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

McDonald's gambling on diabetic getting sugar in their coffee

I went down to Wal Mart with my mom yesterday, and as I was leaving I stopped to get us each a cup of coffee at the McDonalds in there. They had to make a fresh pot, so I asked if I should take the stuff I had bought out to the car and come back. Yes, so I did. When I got back they were having some trouble with the creamer dispenser so I told them I would grab a few things I had forgot from inside the store and be back after the coffee in a few minutes.

I got back to get the coffee and there is a kit that seemed to be very new to the concept of fast food at the counter in place of the person I had initially had serving me. He found the coffee's all ready prepared on the back counter by the coffee maker and slapped two lids on them and sat them on the counter. I turned the things around and could not find any marks for what was in which cup, so I asked him which one was the one with sugar in it. By this time the other gal had come back. The kid stared for a moment and said "I dunno... the one on the left?" His companion seemed almost as unimpressed with that response as I was, however, I can hardly let her off the hook since she is the one that prepared them and sat them out unmarked.

After a bit of debate and suggestions that it was the one on the left (big help there), I informed them that it was important I know because the person the coffee was for was a diabetic. So, the gal decided that they could just dump one out and make it extra cream only. I stopped that right quick with a reminder that they needed a new cup, since there would still be sugar in the one they were dumping if it was indeed the one with the sugar in it. By this time we had the manager's attention as well, and there was also a poor store employee trying to get something for having during his break. Poor Wal Mart employee spent half his break trying to get one of them to hand him an ice cream.

They finally settled on giving me two new coffees and still were not certain which one had the cream in it and which the extra sugar. URRGH!!!! Then I had to remind them I had ordered a soda and needed to have it and the receipt - which the kid had just crumpled.

Dang place scares me. They should take any order for an item without sugar or salt *VERY* seriously, because there are a lot of diabetics out there that it really does matter and you can not just guess "The one on the left?" What really got me though? I had not even got a sincere sounding "Sorry for the mix up, Ma'am," out of any of them - not even the manager.

In my opinion, in-store McDonald's are not the place to train new employees. They should be made up of workers that have been trained at other McDonald's restaurants and transfered into the in-store branches - possibly with a small increase in pay for the trouble of being shuffled. The kid-in-training was very obviously over his head and I'm not sure the other employee was all that coordinated given how much fluttering she did between helping me and helping the other man that was there on break and talking to the trainee and manager and just standing looking off into the nothingness of who knows where.

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