Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Senate Votes Down Public Option on Health Care Plan

News just said that the damn Senate voted down the public option for the health care bill. That means that, as it has been all these years, the health insurance companies are going to screw over people like me who can not afford to buy health care and someday I will end up like my mom, putting off my own care to the point that my first trip to the ER is my last trip anywhere.

It pisses me off that the people who have $100,000 jobs and homes with "no worries" heaters, brand new state of the art kitchen stoves and a brand new Mercedes Benz in the drive are all throwing parties shrieking "We don't need that!" and screwing people like me, a hard working woman who is the proud daughter of a WWII vet who's family fled the Dust Bowl when he was a boy.

No.... what pisses me off is all the lies those people spread like wildfires to kill the health care reform. The newsman that had reported on it on CNN promised that he would look into what senators had got their bank accounts polished by health care companies before the vote and how they voted versus how others voted. I hope he pulls through on that promise, because I want to know who it is that runs this country - the people, the president, or the mega corporations that throw about money to keep themselves the big dog pissing on anyone that can not afford their private club fees.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Karisma Hotels Resorts

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Some of the amenities to be found at the resorts include beach butlers, fine food, iced bartops, swim-up rooms, white gauze curtains around the beds, hot tubs, hammocks and more. Check out the listings for each resort for more details on which resort offers what services and for details on services offered exclusively by each resort, such as the milk baths and aromatic massages of the El Dorado Royale Resort, or the kid-sized bathrobes and coloring books offered by the family friendly Azul Beach Hotel.

Check out the link above for more information on each of the properties that Karisma Hotels resorts offers.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Physical Therapy Today

Today is a physical therapy day for my dad, he actually finished up his initial physical therapy stuff last visit, but they scheduled him for 2 more weeks and this is the first visit of that added two weeks.

I think I am a glutton for punishment, since I scheduled these sessions in the mornings, latest one starts at noon, others are 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning. It coaxes me to get up earlier, so it is not exactly a bad thing, but oh man -- I am not a morning person. Feeling sickly sitting up trying to wake up here, already had to lay back down for almost an hour and still feel "bleck".

Cappuccino should help that some, I'm going to make me some here in a few minutes. Can't event think about eating anything this early, so will delay breakfast until my dad's up then make eggs and toast or something for the both of us.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why do women wear makeup?

I was asked my opinion on an interesting question by The Vahoo Info Connector blog...

"Why do women wear makeup?"

This seems like something that would have an easy answer, particularly when you take into account that mMakeup reaches a good 6,000 years back into history, ( Web MD has a good article on the history of makeup, as does Wikipedia.) but it really is not. There are many perspectives on this, enough that I decided that a survey was in order, so asked a few friends on AIM. A few examples of the replies I got were:
  • to hide
  • to conform
  • vanity in wanting to look pretty
  • social pressure to look pretty
  • to hide a cosmetic flaw (such as a port-wine stain or acne)
The The Vahoo Info Connector adds in a fear of being the only one in the room not wearing makeup.

I grew up not being exceptionally social, so I skipped the whole "have to apply the makeup!" phase. I rarely ever wear any makeup and when I do it is just a little for special occasions. Can not even tell I am wearing it really. I think that my early disinterest in wearing makeup has been a good thing, since it helped me to feel more confident in my own appearance, so that I did not grow up feeling I had to hide behind makeup before I left my room like some people I know now.

Then there are the celebrities that can't go out without their makeup, Vahoo mentions one of them on their article about The Real Reason Women Wear Makeup. Dove had a campaign a while back that showed young girls just how much touching up was done to make the cover models that beautiful. It was an effort to stop the girls trying to look so much like the beauty that was more often than not no more than airbrush touch-ups.

Healthcare Bill Lies

The crud tossed back and forth about the Healthcare Bill just makes me mad, mad enough I should stop reading about it I suppose. Rather than present the facts and let people decide for themselves what is and is not a good idea, there are outright and blatant lies tossed up to scare people into a wild cattle stamped that will help to knock out the bill.

If the idiots that are trying to knock the bill down can not do anything more than lie about what it has in it, then why in the hell do they want to knock it down? What justifiable reasons are there for wanting to vote the bill down? Why don't they use those reasons instead of tossing up bullshit lies about what is in the bill?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Physical Therapy

My dad is almost to the end of his scheduled physical therapy that his doctor sent him to to see if it would help him any. The therapists have said they see significant improvement since he went in the first few days, and I definitely see a lot of improvement in his ability to get around in that when I help him move he no longer puts so much weight on me or leans so far to the side. He can get into and out of his wheelchair fairly well with standby assistance.

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