Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Fox news

Oh good gawd. Rush Limbaugh lives on some weird plane of existences that revolves around him and him alone.

He sits there and talks about how it is lies that there are people that can't get health care in this country. Well, Mr. Limbaugh, you said that it was easy. I'll paraphrase your comment here - "people go into the ER and if they can't pay they talk to the people and arrange to make payments, and if they can't pay then the repo man comes out and takes away their car."

Oh, yeah... that's a good solution. Here's a real life scenario for you now, Mr. Limbaugh.

I'm 39, single, Caucasian. I have visited the ER three times, each time for severely infected teeth. I can not afford to visit a dentist to get them fixed, so all I can do is go to the ER at $97 a visit, plus roughly $60 for medications. I can not even pay that, so I end up with my bills being sent to collections as I am struggling to get $5 ahead and make payments on them.

I was born in the USA to parents that were born in the USA, my grandparents were born here... you see a pattern yet?

I'm not some illegal hiding out soaking in the Government benefits. I begged for Medicaid and was told, in so many words by the woman in the public assistance office "Come back when you are pregnant or Mexican" (Her exact words).

I know I am not the only one. Mr. Limbaugh wants to think I am not even here, but I am.

Oh, and the "car" the repo man would haul off is a ATV that I won in a contest several years back, the gears are going out, the front right tire is having problems and I ride it 15 miles to the store and back a few times a month to pick up my dad's medications and shop for groceries and stuff. Thank God I live in Alaska where ATVs can be used as transportation, or I could not even get to the store and back.

But... I don't exist anyway, according to Mr. Limbaugh, so... I guess I don't have to get to the store anyway, just like I don't have to see a doctor. huh?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beachfront Destination Weddings

Karisma Hotels resorts are located on white-sand beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya. This bit of “divine favor” is only one of the things that make it easy to see why they take their name from the Greek.

Another clue lies in their vision for your destination wedding. Picture the elegance of a beach ceremony, the sun is setting, flowers adorn a tulle roofed four-post gazebo where you and your significant other exchange your vows. The first glimmer of stars appear overhead as you make your way to linen draped tables, glimmering candles and small lights sparkle in the open reception area as white-gloved waiters pour campaign into glasses.

This is the vision that Karisma Hotels has for your wedding day. Their destination weddings are beachfront glamor waiting for your own vision of your dream wedding to bring them to life for your special day.

If you would like to find out more, check out the Karisma Hotels website at the link above, and be sure that you consult your desired hotel ahead of time to find out if they have the gazebo style you prefer. Some have a full standard gazebo on the beach, others a four-post gazebo that they can set up in your desired location with a canopy of tulle and decorated with fresh flowers.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exercise Possibilities

I have got to thinking about things that my dad and I could do together, and I realized that I was missing out on something that we have the ability to do now that we have finally got dependable transportation.

We are going to start driving as far as the local paved bike trails and then hike along them with him in his wheelchair and me walking. We can take the dogs along with us for moose protection (or is that moose fodder?), and hike for so long, then back to the car. A fifteen minute walk in one direction would be a total of a 30 minute walk for me, occasionally pushing the wheelchair uphill at slight inclines, so the thing will add to the workout I get.

And we can start training Bear to be a chair pulling dog, so he can assist me with the hills. Maybe teach him and Shy to pull the chair together, but she's still interested more in grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and coaxing him to wrestle, so that might not be a good idea.

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Watch TV and movies online

There are times when I am so scattered from all of the things that needs to be done in the day, that I do not realize until way late that I forgot that my favorite show was on. Even when it is one that is in reruns that I have seen several times before, it can still be disappointing to miss it. That's why I love to be able to watch TV online. It's the only way that I can get the chance to see some stuff.

Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free and watch movies online. One hit a moment of nostalgia for me when I was idly browsing selections and found in their "Popular TV Shows Online" link a link over to Fancast, and in the movies there I discovered "Timerider". I watched that years ago and it has remained one of my favorite time travel movies. If it was not almost 2 in the morning I would watch that now.

Spreety goes beyond just giving you a clump of shows to watch, it links you to sites all across the web so that you can find what you want to watch. Be sure to check out their e-book, use the page forward and back >> marks (<< Page 1 of 87 >>) to the right of the book, to browse through it. It has a good listing of where to watch everything from movies to TV shows, even places that are best for kids and where to find the old 50's shows and so on. I did a bit of looking and found Spreety TV Online has some great genera divisions for stuff like history programs, family TV, game shows, westerns (BRISCO County, Jr!!!!, and my mom adored Gunsmoke, and I loved Alias Smith & Jones...)... Spreety is definitely a great resource for finding legal to watch shows and movies online.

It is closing in on three in the morning here in Alaska now, so I am going to get some sleep and let you go find something good to watch... or maybe I'll watch just a few minutes of Timerider.... O:-)

Nite y'all!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I need a treadmill

I was reading something a little while ago that encourages walking as a stress reliever for caregivers, however... before a caregiver can get out and walk, they have to get someone to hang out with their care recipient. That's not exactly easy, so I have decided that what I need is a good treadmill. I had one, and I used it all the time, but then the thing had some kind of materials defect occur and the tube where the tension deal connects cracked, resulting in the tension adjustment thing sinking into the tube deal. Not sure how to explain, but, basically it gets down to the treadmill will go for two steps, then the belt is all the way to the right. I force it back to place, try to get the tension to work right again, and it goes two steps and is back to the right and jammed all over again. Can not walk on something that is doing that, so I have decided that I need to get me a new treadmill when I can. Preferably a motorized type one so I don't have to fight it like I do this one.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Investing for the furture

The Monex companies have been leaders in precious metals investing in America for over 30 years. The hard assay professionals at the Monex Deposit Company are ready to help you design an investment portfolio that includes precious metals in coin and/or ingot form.

Perhaps you are looking to get started in investing, maybe buying investment quiality gold coins such as the American Eagle gold coin. A perfect choice for starting a savings the American Eagle gold coin is a .9167 fine gold coin that is available in units of 10 one-ounce coins.

The price of gold fluctuates, but according to the pricing graph on the Monex Deposit Company website, gold has increased in price over the past ten years from an average range of $250 to $300 an ounce in the year 2000, to an average of $900 to $950 an ounce today. Imagine what the prices will be in another ten or twenty years. This makes gold a favored investment metal for investors.

Purchasing gold is one of many ways to save for retirement, and while there is a risk that the price of gold will not be at its peak when you are ready to sell, there is a very good chance that the prices will at least be many times more than you purchased it for when held for a period of ten or more years.

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